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  • Leaking Shower Pans
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Change Tub to Shower
  • Shower Pan Installation
  • Repairing Shower Doors
  • Marble Floors
  • Install Showers
  • Repair Damaged Walls
  • Laminate Floors
  • Repair Loose Cracked Tile and Marble
  • Water Damaged Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathtub Installation
  • Tile & Marble Installation
  • Shower Grout Repair
  • Mold & Mildew Repair
  • Change Faucets
  • Ceilings

HOWARD DRINKS Leaking Shower Pans, Bathroom Remodeling,Change Tub to Shower,Shower Pan Installation


Quality is the first priority in all the services we provide. We are licenced and have been in business for over thirty years. We specialize in bathrooms, kitchens and any remodeling needs from walls to floors. If the job requires servicing for wood, concrete or metal, customer satisfaction in guaranteed! Our professional team can handle any job. Services include reframing studs, replacing tile or marble, repairing and rebuilding all jobs from start to finish. All marble and tile work is done from the floor to the ceiling with quality materials.


1. When you get out of the shower and you step into a puddle of water.
2. When you wipe the floor and minutes later the water has returned.
3. When you see and smell mildew regularly.
4. When you step in the shower and the shower floor is soft.
5. When there is loose tile or marble falling from the shower walls and cracking on the shower floor.
6. When you have made a mess grouting the shower time after time with no results.
7. When you have spent hundreds of dollars patching the shower and weeks later the leak returns.

8. When the rooms next to the bathroom have water stains on the walls and the floors flood after a shower.



When you use a professional team, you will be advised on the cause of the problem.
When you use a professional team, the work is guaranteed.
When you use a professional team, your work will be brought up to the current industry building code
When you use a professional team, you can concentrate on other tasks.
When you use a professional team, you will get quality work completed in a timely manor.
When you use a professional team, your insurance will pay the bill.


Howard and his helper did excellent work. no shortcuts. no boosting the price. if a valve needed replacing on the toilet it was done - James W.

Howard is a very honest & hard working individual. He worked non-stop by himself.
He is trustworthy-We left him in our house when we had to go off. He cleaned up after himself everyday. - Mary M.

Howard was very patient and cooperative, and we persevered through it all, to an excellent conclusion.  All told, the job was done exactly to my specifications, and there were no disagreements.  He was really determined to satisfy me and he did that  completely.  The finished product is spectacular, and what I had hoped for.  Larry S.

Mr. Drinks and his assistant did an outstanding job in every aspect to our complete satisfaction. - Sonia and Sylvester R.

Mr. Drinks was professional from start to finish. He iniacated a scope and sequence plan with us and followed it to the letter We were happy to see the final pictures which helped to document the plan. - Lenora C.

This was a big job for a small company but Howard and his son pulled it off to our satisfaction. The job took a little longer than anticipated but we were very happy with the outcome. We would hire, without hesitation, Howard for additional work. - Robyn M.

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